“It has been a pleasure to serve as a USO [South Carolina] volunteer representative, and I look forward to continuing to serve for some time to come!”

“The USO volunteers supporting this event were outstanding!! Top notch!’

At the USO, volunteers play a special role in connecting service members to family, home and country. Whether it is welcoming visitors to our center, easing their journey with a cup of coffee or providing a free phone call to a loved one, volunteers lead with their hearts and serve with integrity.

In addition to supporting programs throughout the state, volunteers provide daily support to two centers in the greater Columbia area.

Columbia Metropolitan Airport Center has reopened after suspending operations due to COVID-19. However, operations are severely restricted. Located in the main lobby, our CAE location is open 8a-9p Monday-Friday and 8a-8p Saturday and Sunday to help serve our traveling service members, and welcome the Army’s newest recruits to Fort Jackson. Volunteers check in members of our military, help them navigate the airport, maintain the center, and ensure that service members have a safe and comfortable environment in which to relax between flights. Volunteers also serve as airport ambassadors, providing customer service to airport guests and passengers. Permanent shift volunteers (3 to 4 hours per week) are used in this location.

MEPS Fort Jackson Operations currently suspended due to COVID-19. Located inside the MEPS center on Fort Jackson, our USO center is open Monday-Thursday 9a-6p and Friday 9a-4p. Volunteers greet military applicants, provide snacks and beverages, maintain the center, and brief applicants’ families on the USO’s mission. Volunteers must have a valid DOD ID card to volunteer at this location. Permanent shift volunteers (3 hours per week) are used in this location.

To submit a volunteer interest form for these centers or to log in to your personal volunteer profile, please visit our volunteer site volunteers.uso.org.

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